Friday, February 11, 2011

Finally, Mobiles That Work Without Towers!!!

Thanks to the researchers at  Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia who have developed a software, which can run on "off-the-shelf" mobile phones and allow them to relay calls from one phone to another without the presence of mobile phone towers in the vicinity-before ultimately re-connecting with an operating mobile telephone tower.  Researh team headed by Dr. Paul Gardner-Stephen also adds that this technology has broad potential in situations such as natural disasters like floods, cyclones, earthquakes, or in the event of terrorist bombings, where mobile phone towers would be swamped and knocked out of action. What's more, the researchers further add that they will make this software available for free for any telephone carriers/manufacturers to incorporate in thier handsets.  Phones running on this software will be able to relay calls between themselves.  If either of them see a cell tower, then calls can be with  any of the phones thus maintaining the communication with the outside world in times of crisis. Congrats Paul! your discovery could revolutionize the way mobiles operate and drasticallly cut the costs besides improving the coverage in the remote areas!